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##This is my take on a printable filament spool. I had a few parameters that I wanted to design to.

###Thanks to Jesse for this great thread.

It really helped narrow down what I was setting out to do.

* Entirely printable (including center hub)
* Interlocking connection in center of hub
* Ability to change inside and outside diameter of center of spool seperately
* Tapper ability for both inside and outside of hub
* Ability to make just spool hubs for pressure fit into tubing (paper towel roll, shipping tubes, toilet paper roll, etc)
* low amount of plastic used - (teardrop cutout can be turned on and off)
* Filament holes to hold during spooling then to tie loose ends
UPDATED: 7/14/13
- Small Fixes to the connectors

There are still some options that I want to incorporate but they will have to wait for future designs.

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