The wind in your hair... The sun on your face... The sand in your teeth... Everyone loves a day out cruising the dunes in their trusty Botmobile Dune Buggy!

The Botmobile Dune Buggy is an open source 3d printed remote control car that you can build at home. Using the Botmobile chassis the Dune Buggy was built from the ground up as a completely new type of remote control car

See video of the Botmobile Dune Buggy in action:

Printing Instructions-

Print one of each part. Except wheels.stl, which you will need to print twice.

Assembly Instructions-

Printing Notes-

Front.stl and Back.stl are tricky prints. 2 extra shells and 10% infill have yielded the best results. Also try to protect the print from drafts and rapid temperature changes during printing, as this can cause cracking.

Interior.stl can be printed with 1 or 2 extra shells at 10% infill.

Wheels.stl, Steering.stl, Gearbox.stl and Axel.stl are best printed with 0 or 1 extra shells and an infill of 30%.

Created by Thingiverse user Skimbal, designer of the Turtle Shell Racers. The Botmobile represents the 12th revision of Skimbel's effort to create an open source RC Car

Required Parts

Part Qty

2 Channel 2.4Ghz RC Remote and Receiver 1

DC Motor 1

4xAA Battery Holder 1

Micro Servo 1


m2 x 18 pin 1

m3 x 18 pin 1

RC Car Tires 4

RC Car Tire Foam Inserts 4

Gear 1 1

Gear 2 1

608 Bearing 2

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