This filament spool rack / dispenser is variable and is suitable for small (5.5 cm) and large (10 cm) wide filament coils. Implemented by the central web, the width can be set. Overall, the set consists of 7 parts. I have simply taken as axes nails. There may be several bars and support to be printed and can be combined. Thus, a whole bank can be created.

Advantage of this design is that the quality exchange empty spools no central axis, etc. must be removed. Simply remove the old coil and set the new on it. For better stability, I stuck a non-slip rubber adhesive underneath.

To create you need the following parts:

2 x filament_halter_002.stl

1 x filament_halter_002_balken.stl

4 x filament_halter_002_rolle.stl

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