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My new toy is the V912 from WLToys. A nice 4 axis RC helicopter 40cm main rotor diameter fixed pitch.
I looked for the best way to print blades (I don't yet break one but the question is not "if" but "when" I'll break one!)

There is here 3 versions of blade:
the original is almost the same of original one ;)
the two other are some research for more "silent" blade.
The small one need more rotor speed => more stability with the bell bar (gyroscopic effect) => less flight time because of overconsumption. Good for small indore place to flight or windy conditions outside.

The second one is abound the same lift force of the original one and a little bit more silent...
(... Ok, I don't realy scientifically measure it but, you know... it's my baby and it's the best :P )

And of cours, it flight!!

The 3D printed cannopy is another work in progress, still with the vase technic but only 1 shell ultra light printing... I'll tell you more soon ;)

EDIT: Original improves is the last design. The "silent"one seems to be unstable, so I redesigne a smooth shape with same caracteristics of the original.

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