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UPDATE: There were a few small errors on the Top and Bottom. I have realigned the screw holes, changed all nut traps to 6.5mm across. There are three nut traps that are shallower than those that are extruded into a solid this is to retain strength. I suggest you use next M3 x 20mm screw for these three. I have also added counter bore holes to the top so that 16mm screw reaches and it is easier to Velcro electronics on top.

This is a fully 3D printable Tricopter based on the RC Explorer V2.5 by David Windestål. There are 6 Parts that need to be printed and then it can be assembled using 3mm screw and nuts, and some zip ties.
For details on light control board from Rx please see:http://www.teaching-innovation.com/shop/alternate-pcbs/ledcontroller/

Flying demo with lights:

See video detail of rear yaw assembly.

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