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Short story - a rough model of a power tool battery pack. All sorts of uses, including a wall mount to hold the power tools. Long story follows...

Here in Oz-land what used to be a widely available set of cordless power tools has now been monopolised by one hardware store chain.

So now you can only get them at a non-competative price at Bunnings. But they are relatively cheep and do the job.

That however doesn't distract from their wide range of tools utilising a common 18-volt battery design. I have a couple of drills, demolition-saw, sanders, multi-tool, hand-vac, angle-grinder, circular-saw, router, whipper-snipper and a few different batteries (old ni-cad & new lithiumin two sizes) and an 8 port battery charger. (There are a few more investment opertunities left too.;)

So, I wall mounted the 8 port battery charger (and the 36-volt big brother - another story), but wanted to have an easy way to mount all the tools too.

Hence, I needed a model of the battery pack to make a holder.

It took me a while, gave me an introduction on techniques and appproaches to modeling existing real objects, which I may share later, But this is the result.

I'm not familiar with many other brands of batteries, but if yours is similar you may be able to use this SCAD as the base of a design too, I even included a picture. Note the range of quick & dirty modules at the bottom to get various cuts/angles.

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