* Hold mousbutton and move to rotate. Hold right right mouse button amd move to pan. Use mouse wheel to zoom.


Called micpod as in tripod. The micpod is the size of a microphone in the area that fits into the microphone holder. Put the micpod where a microphone should go to have a secure place to put your camera. So a regular mic stand is not that exciting. It can only go up and down. What is exciting IMHO is when you use this with a microphone boom stand. For those unfamiliar mic booms stands are what a drummer uses to sing.
The micpod lets you place the camera on a steady mount where a tripod can't go. Full sized cameras are out for most mic booms.
Things that are in the weight area of microphones work great.
You could also read/ watch your iPhone on the couch without holding it.
You can get a closeup of your rapman while it is running and watch it from somewhere else. Out of babys reach directly above the crib might be fun too.


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