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First, Please note that this is my first Thing on Thingiverse. Please be kind to me. This is a draft of a draft of a draft. I mainly wanted to share this to try Thingiverse out.

I am in the process of learning AutoDesk Inventor at work. My son Gaelen and I decided to design something useful for me to practice using this new CAD software.

We came up with a way to turn a normal walking cane into a gripper. This makes the cane useful for picking up objects.

People who use canes often need an extended reach because of mobility issues in their joints.

This is how it would work: the blue cable near the handle can be pulled with their fingers when the person wants to open the gripper. The tension pulls the gripper finger back in the open position (Top Assembly Image).

When the person wants to close the gripper they simply release the cable and a spring (I didn't draw this in yet) would pull the gripper finger closed around the object (Bottom Assembly Image).

The cane can then be used to manipulate the object.

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