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Now you can easily make impromptu camera monopods with this small camera mount that snaps into the mouth of an aluminum soda or beer can.

This idea stems from a previous plastic soda bottle variation, but meant for a can. I like this soda can version for a variety of reasons:

• Small single item print
• Rigid design, no delicate parts
• Cans are able to be bent into different positions, supports larger cameras or DSLR
• I have more cans lying around than plastic bottles

The plug has a flared lip so it won’t fall into the can.

The can works well as a grip for hand-held filming. For me, I get a steadier shot when holding the can as compared to holding the camera directly.

I’ve used it to hold my DSLR camera by bending the can to counteract the weight of the lens.

Remove the pull tab from the can before inserting the plug. The mount fits very tightly into the mouthpiece and requires some force to get it into place. Eventually the aluminum flexes enough to allow the plug to snap into place. Removing the plug also requires some effort, especially on a can that hasn’t been used before. Once the can is ‘broken in’ it’s much easier to get the mount in and out.

A video of the mount being used for three different cameras can be watched at the link below. The video shows a DSLR camera, a point and shoot, and a phone.


Reference projects:
Camera mount for drink bottles - thingiverse.com/thing:2631

Phone tripod mount - thingiverse.com/thing:11435


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