The [TiGr Lock]( is a nice bicycle lock that stores along your top tube with velcro straps. However, the ends can scratch your paint job, and it can be a little fussy to get positioned.

The TiGr Mount thing fits over your top tube and affixes to the seat tube with a zip tie. I put a piece of old inner-tube between it and the top tube. The TiGr Mount protects your paint job from being scratched by the ends of the TiGr Lock, and it gives you a place to rest the ends of the lock when it isn't attached by the velcro straps. The TiGr Mount doesn't replace the velcro straps; you still use those to secure the lock along the top tube.

This thing should be customizable for your bike. Just enter your top-tube and seat-tube diameters and go.

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