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If you have a Segway you probably know they failed in the kickstand engineering department. The original kickstand for these models came with a spring which easily became broken or bent beyond repair. This was a "safety" feature so that if the kickstand fell down while gliding it didn't catch the ground and send the rider flying through the air. Unfortunately though the spring was too weak and collapsed under the weight of the Segway while parked. A genius then came up with a metal tube replacement for the spring and then started selling them. This decreased the safety, but actually let you "park" the Segway. Unfortunately this increased the stress on the actual kickstand bracket and as a result of using the metal tube replacement the bracket can get broken especially if you try to mount the segway and forget to remove the kickstand. The bracket can also get broken if the kickstand falls down while gliding, it catches something while gliding, or somebody pushes on your Segway while parked.

As a result of all this I broke two of the "pot" metal brackets and nearly a year later of having a partially finished CAD model of the bracket sitting on my hard drive; I finally finished it.


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