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A two or three part printable rocket for use with Estes or Quest hobby rocket motors. It works best on C6-7 motors and should also work on B motors. If you are very brave you could even fly it on an Aerotech composite D, I haven't been this brave yet :P It is designed to fly off an Estes launch pad with a launch rod.

This rocket goes very, very high for such a small rocket, it can pretty much disappear from view. It sims to 1600 feet in [OpenRocket](http://openrocket.sourceforge.net/), so make sure you have a big flying field! Have fun :)

We have flown these rockets a fair bit with the Canterbury University Aerospace Club. When they land they are still quite warm and the PLA is quite soft. Let it cool before handling it to much as the PLA will deform quite a bit.

The long ribs make the rocket much stronger. They also provide the forward stops for the motor. Not that it really matters, but they shouldn't add much to the drag as the fit within the forward profile of the fin roots.

Ah, I've just noticed the parts all sow up on their side or upside down in thingiview. I normally just rotate them with Repetier before printing. I'll fix them here soon.

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