* Hold mousbutton and move to rotate. Hold right right mouse button amd move to pan. Use mouse wheel to zoom.


UPDATE 2010-03-19
I've added new pictures and completed the build and usage instructions. I spent my time on those so am still cleaning up the OpenSCAD files.

UPDATE 2010-03-05
I've uploaded two new STL files. These supersede all previous versions:

* MouseMotel_0.3.stl
* MouseMotelLid_0.3.stl

These are for a 70 mm ID bottle. I used a 20 oz/591 mL one.
I've uploaded an OpenSCAD screen grab of the parts assembled to show how they go together.

Once I clean up the MouseMotel.scad file I will upload it too.

UPDATE 2010-03-04
I've uploaded an STL file of the main part. I still need to tweak the flap that contains the mouse.

UPDATE 2010-03-02
Look at the photo; mine works!
And it's still alive!


Seriously, since any garbage can contains a suitable enclosure for the trap, i.e., a soda or water bottle, I decide to focus on creating a printable one-way flap that can be fitted to a cut-down bottle. This reduces the size and number of parts necessary for the trap and because I used my favorite modeling tool, OpenSCAD, I parameterized the design so it can be used for bottles of various diameters.

Here's the basic concept:

* Cut off the top of your selected bottle
* Size and print a ring that fits inside bottle
* Print flap that sits inside the ring
* Insert 2 3 mm captive nuts into holes on outside of ring
* Insert ring into bottle
* Punch/cut holes for stabilizers
* Insert stabilizers into captive nuts
* Insert a length of 3 mm plastic feedstock to function as the flap hinge pin
* Place motel at desired location
* Bait motel with peanut butter
* Wait

The mouse will smell the bait, enter the one-way flap in the bottle to get it, and be trapped!

The stabilizers on either side of the bottle will keep it from rolling around as the mouse explores its new home.

I'm still working on a few details, and will update this thing as I finalize them.


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