As much as I liked Kitlaan's feeder design, it really showcased my lack of wood-working abilities to make a suitable frame.

I designed this frame so that anyone who prints his auger design can also print a box to hold it in. The back of the box has a built-in slot to hold an Arduino Pro Mini, and in my experience I found best results when cutting the PVC 'T' connection to 97mm, and putting the auger into the short end.

The food-storage 'hopper' that stores the food is a Cupcake Pen (sold under the exact same design but with a different color cover as a Pancake Pen) and I used Aubenc's Poor Man's Openscad Screw Library and a bit of trial and error to match the threads on the bottom of the 'Pen'. I no longer have the original scad file I used to make the threads, but the dimensions are in the file name of the stl file.

The 'LE-DOME' files that are included are nice little caps for 5MM LED's, and when printed in clear PLA they serve as a nice diffuser for the LED's. The green LED in the picture is tied to the feeder's 5V supply, so it's always on when the feeder is plugged in. I set the red LED so that it fades, starting at full brightness as soon as food is dispensed, and slowly fading until the time until next feed runs out, at which piont it will be zero.

I designed/printed the bowl after seeing that the cat, always being hungry (we're not starving our cat, we're just trying to get the fat bastard down below 16lb) would move the bowl out from under the feeder, usually resulting in kitty food spread across the floor. My solution was to add a magnet bowl to the design, which keeps the bowl attached to the frame but is still removable for cleaning.

Download Cat Feeder Frame 3D Model Files

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