The BeamBox - New Full Body 3D Scanner

Full Body 3D Scanner

On October the 22nd we've presented the Wamungo BeamBox™, a full body 3D scanner to the public for the first time at the BayStartUp Demo Night in Munich. The scanning system is a closed booth with two doors with an open roof but of course can be ordered with a roof as well.
The standard model consists of 12 modules that carry 12 5 megapixel cameras each. That makes 144 cameras and a total of 720 megapixels. If you intend to scan bigger objects the system can easily be extended by simply adding more modules and increasing the diameter.

Full Body 3D ScannerThe system uses 144 Raspberry Pi computers that are integrated into the modules. The Raspberry Pis are triggered and synchronized by a Software we've developed and that can be accesses via a web interface over a WiFi connection. The 144 cameras are distributes asymmetrically to avoid blind spots and therefore minimize manual corrections and streamlining with 3D modelling tools.

Although on to three persons can fit into the full body scanner booth its dimensions are kept low by using an area of only 44 sqft. And with 6,9'' of height it fits into every room. 42 dimmable LED lights are also integrated into the modules with enough power to illuminate the box in brightest daylight. The outer shell consists of acrylic glass that can be printed on to fully customize the look of the BeamBox. Or you can use the already built in multi-color LED lighting to colorize the scanner in every color you want with just a click.

Full Body 3D Scanner 1Optionally this system can be equipped with a projector system to minimize 3D modelling handwork even more especially on hard to scan surfaces like black or shiny cloth if you intend to use the scanner to scan people and print realistic figurines.

Apart from 3D printed figurines other use cases could be the scanning of fashion to offer your users 360 degree views of cloths in your online shop. Even medical applications can be realized by using the full body 3D scanner for fast skin screening in the field of skin cancer prevention.

As the BeamBox consists of single, integrated modules, it is also easy to assemble and disassemble if you want to use it at a event or fair.
If you would like to have more information about our full body 3D scanner please contact us.


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