Bocusini 3D Printing Food

3D Printing Food

With Bocusini  Print2Taste presents his new printer for 3D printing food for the first time at this year's Iba (International fair for bakery, confectionery and snacks). Print2taste GmbH is as startup company located in the Munich area and has been founded by nutrition science students. After successfully founding the Bocusini printer prototype on Kickstarter the company has now already employed to full time workers.

3D-Druck-LebensmittelThe Bocusini is advertised as the first plug 'n' play 3D printer for foods worldwide. It's plug 'n' play because everything that is required from the software side to operate the printer is already integrated into the device. The 3D printer comes with built in WiFi and runs a web server on which an application to create printable 3D models is pre-installed. The application is web based and can be used with any modern web browser. If the software is operated from a tablet or PC with touch screen you can draw any shape with a pen and configure how many layers of this shape you want to have printed. 3D-Druck-Lebensmittel 1Of course any other printable 3D model can be printed as well. A selection of 3D models ready to print some food can be found at Wamungo.

Also, Print2Taste offers ready to use cartridges for the Bocusini that just need to be placed into the printer to re-fuel it. The founders of Print2Taste emphasize that the Bocusini printer is eligible to print with natural food. Thus Print2Taste offer recipes on their website to create your own suitable print "food ink" as well as ready-to-use cartridges filled with appropriate food clay. Especially foods that are not so easy to mix like marzipan are available as cartridges. The Print2Taste team has done a lot of research to get the right consistency for the marzipan for example.

In principle everything that can be brought into the right consistency is printable with the Bocusini. That means the food clay must not be too soft or fluid so that it doesn't glue but on the other hand must not be to firm to be jam the injector. Possible among others are:

  • Smashed potatoes
  • Dough for cakes or cookies
  • Liver sausage
  • Almond sugar mixtures
  • Jelly
  • Fudge
  • Chocolate

The operating temperature reaches from 68 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. The build envelope measures 150 x 150 x 130 mm. Currently the Bocusini can be pre-ordered for EUR 899.-. Later the printer will be available for EUR 1,200.- € including VAT. The shipping of the pre-ordered devices starts in February 2016.

More pictures from the Iba 2015, the Bocusini and 3D printing food can be found on our Facebook or Google+ page.


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