I could not find my capo and I couldn't find a spring so I made this.

You'll need:
- a thin sheet of cork or rubber.
- 1.25" 4-40 screw
- 0.5" 4-40 screw
- 0.25" 4-40 screw
- 4-40 nuts and washers
- heat shrink tubing

I cut out a small strip of cork to fit in the small pocket of the 'capo top' part and held it in place with hot glue. I covered the 'capo clamp' with heat shrink tubing. Assemble as shown in the pictures. The 0.25" 4-40 screw is screwed into the 'capo top' for the clamping screw to push on.

I printed this with 3 perimeters and 25% infill and it is plenty strong in PLA.


Download Springless Guitar Capo 3D Model Files

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