This is a clip designed to securely hold a strap to a guitar. The strap knob on the guitar slides into a notch on the base. The left peg goes through the hole on the strap. Then the top is pressed down on the base. The pegs will clamp it into place. I got this idea from a guitar strap with a clip with a similar design built on it. The problem is there wasn't much of a selection of strap designs and it was expensive. With my design I can solve both problems, this will be cheap to print plus you can print it in any color and use it with any strap and guitar. Giving you ultimate customization at a lower cost. Also the greatest asset is that you don't have to worry about your guitar crashing down to the ground anymore. I don't have a 3D printer yet to print and test this design so if anybody does download it and print it. Send me some feedback on how well it does and any suggestions to improve it. Thank you.

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