* Hold mousbutton and move to rotate. Hold right right mouse button amd move to pan. Use mouse wheel to zoom.


In designing V1 I had to move the borehole off center. Not a big deal but the finger holes were way deeper than I thought they should be. Realized the solution was to rotate the body for playing. Note the revised playing instruction and the included illustration.

Theoretically the windway of the recorder is the important part. The exterior could be shaped like anything you want. Even the Empire State Building (by Hoeken thingiverse.com/thing:625 )

For the New Museum Challenge:
What is the design a derivative of? How does it improve on or challenge existing design conventions? How does it utilize the unique ability of 3D printing to personalize and improve on the world around us?
As if making music wasn't beautiful enough, now this recorder can sit on your shelf as an objet d'arte. 3D printing allows designs to go beyond functional to decorative.

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