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UPDATE: Tuned it up and it plays remarkably in tune throughout the whole register of the device. The altissimo G plays almost perfectly in tune while still maintaining intonation in the lower register. Low B and Bb start falling out a bit but thats a reoccurring theme with wide tipped mouthpieces and you can easily lip that up.

UPDATE: Works like a charm! Just tried it out on my alto and it plays incredibly easy! I was expecting it to be a chore to play but it plays very well (in relativity or course). I notice little difference from it to the one i modeled it after. I printed it on a 3D systems V-Flash and will be uploading pics and a sound recording(recorded on my phone. Don't be too critical of my playing).

This is an untested alto saxophone mouthpiece based roughly off a beginner Yamaha mouthpiece but it does not resemble it much. The similarities include bore length, facing width, and basic length measurements. I would urge anyone that prints this out before i get around to it to share their experiences printing and playing of this mouthpiece. This will most likely need to be printed on a finer tuned machine to get the best results.

Tip Opening: 0.080
Facing: 18mm from tip
Bore: Square

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