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This is my version of the 8 bit violin. A lot of things have changed since I stubbornly wanted to do it my way.
One of those things is that I wanted those nice chequered press-fit sides. This adds a nice purfing-like trim (struggled to make it really press-fit actually). The top has a slight curve in it, to give it a little more volume and to move away slightly from the blocked look. All part are designed for 3mm (ply) wood. That makes for ~40 minutes cutting time on our Epilog mini 35 lasercutter. This edition is cut from a local light plywood, most likely made of poplar, but any 3mm ply would probably do. Light weight is a plus if you want more volume from your instrument. To make sure the bridge does no come through the top deck, I designed a bass bar too, to go under the G (lowest) foot of the bridge. A sound post is left as exercise for the maker.

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