Used for centuries by apothecaries this pilule roller is also used today in herbal medicine to help provide a consistently sized pill. This project can be used to forms pills, press tablets "pucks" and capsules, shape doses and form "drying rods".

Use the back to roll a rod shaped portion of material to divide into pillules with the front side.

Coat with powdered sugar or cinnamon.

Here are some useful links that demonstrate the use of antique pill rollers. Civil war reenactment of Apothecary Demonstrates pill roller Use of strainer and “excipient” Shows how to use a “pill tile”.

What is an excipient?

Wikipedia excerpt:

“ An excipient is generally a pharmacologically inactive substance formulated with the active ingredient of a medication. Excipients are commonly used to bulk up formulations thus often referred to as "binders”, “bulking agents”," "fillers," or "diluents", to allow convenient and accurate dispensation of a substance when producing a dosage form.


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