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Medical prototype. My kid was in a hospital recently, and they had to put him on an IV. The current practice here is to place a support _Under_ the wrist, tape everything up (for immobilization), and have the IV on top of the wrist. The problems we encountered were:

1. No protection for the top of the wrist where the IV was, causing much anxiety on my part on whether the dude was gonna knock his wrist against anything and dislodge the IV needle, etc (wince!)
2. Total lost of dexterity in the hands due to the support block

This prototype proposes to accomplish the following:

1. immobilization of the wrist from the top instead, secured by velcro bands (currently testing using velcro cable ties)
2. top of the wrist is protected by the Y arms of the brace, while still allowing the palm area to be secured by yet another velcro band
3. Fingers can still move (a lot more than before), without compromising the IV placement
4. A lot faster to deploy (dude had to change his dressings 3 times in five days, and each time I freaked out more than he did :-P )


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