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A printable mousetrap created for the "Mouse Get" challenge that Cathal Garvey posted on the Thingiverse blog. As I started sketching out ideas, the resemblance to London's Tower Bridge was uncanny, so I decided to go all out with it.

The elevator slides along rails provided by the entrance ramps, however there is only one way to get in. Fievel gets to eat his last meal, but he'll find himself on the ground floor for the rest of the night.

Its un-tested and will need straight rails to function well, so use a fine tuned bot for best results. The design process was a lot of fun, thanks for posting the challenge!


I added Rails_System.zip to the files. This is a dxf and openSCAD file of the sliding rails that was written for easy manipulation even if you have no programming experience or knowledge. I want to optimize the geometry for future applications. Feel free to mess around with it.


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