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Alice wants to send a package to Bob, and she wants Bob to verify that his stalker, Eve, has not opened the package since it left Alice's hands. Alice needs a tamper proof seal.

Alice's package can be closed with a zip tie, so I have made her a little accessory that prevents Eve from opening the zip tie (with a pin, for example), and closing it again. Even if Eve were to cut the zip tie, she would not be able to remove it from the the tamper proof hood.

Eve has one option remaining: Cut the tamper proof seal and replace it with her own forgery. But Alice prints them on her 3D printer, and adds a customized mark, wich will take Eve a long time to reproduce. In addition, Alice has etched a pattern into the zip tie itself, and photographed it. It would be nearly impossible for Eve to reproduce this exactly.

Do you think you could foil the security of this tamper proof seal? Tell us your trick in the comments!

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