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Same concept as my last hanger except this one actually works. I changed the snap pins to friction fit pegs inspired by thing 19058.

From the original:
I've been wanting to make printable versions of common household items, and I've wanted to experiment with printing snap together objects that are bigger than the print bed. So, here's a coat hanger in three parts.
Some of you are probably saying "I can get 10 hangers for a couple bucks", and you are missing the point. This is an item that people use in large quantities without really thinking about, that they're reliant on the mass production of huge factories to create, that break often and have to be replaced, and could probably stand to be customizable. This is breaking your dependency on mass produced products for everyday life needs.

Updated: Made the friction pins a bit tighter of a fit. If you've already printed it and they came loose, download again and try.


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