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*I think the renderer is still mirroring text.... the actual STL's have the text the right way around

I need teaspoons to dispense nutrients to my hydroponic gardening system but I don't like to use the one I use for cooking. Instead of going out and buying some I decided to print my own. I had seen that TMR had designed some earlier but I didn't need quite as long a handle and I also wanted to label them with their quantity. It's a really cool feeling to not be bound by the limits of store-bought measuring spoons so... just because I could I printed a 13/16 teaspoon. yay!

One thing I would have liked to do is to also label them with their metric equivalent (ie. 1 tsp = 5 ml and 1 tbs = 15 ml) as that stuff can be really helpful when your trying to convert between the two.

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