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I like having enough light to wander around the house at night, but dislike plug-in nightlights because of their clunky look and often weird or garish light. Recently I found [this](http://www.amazon.com/Cooper-Wiring-Devices-TR7735W-BOX-Receptacle/dp/B007UNHHKG) outstanding wall-outlet replacement that includes a full-function LED light source

It's nice: It can either be a nightlight (turning off when it senses the room is bright) or a "guidelight" (on all the time). You can also select various brightness levels, which it remembers, and make all these adjustments without tools by just pressing on the light plate. It draws only 1 watt when operating (1/7th of a traditional nightlight!)

The only drawback is that the flat light plate shines straight out into the room with a lot of glare. I designed this louvered cover that attaches to the surrounding outlet cover plate and redirects the light downward in a nice soft glow.

Good locations are near stairs, in bathrooms and hallways, and in kids' (or adults'!) bedrooms.


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