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Ever been annoyed by that last bit of liquid at the bottom of the bottle you just couldnt get? not anymore. This bottle was designed for two reasons.

1. to get that last bit out.
2. reduce the chance the bottle wont spray because of your angle.

The top portion has been enahnced to remove the need for the old flimsy tube.

the bottom portion has been enhanced with a chamber to trap liquids at different angle. to empty simply turn the bottle up side down and the trapped liquid should come out.

top nozzle: OD cascading from 4mm to 5mm to fit different heads.
ID is 2mm

total bottle size is aprox 7.348 inches long 6 inches wide and has a volume of 30.98cm total

NOTE ABOUT USE: The little O was placed as a reference point. this will work best when the head is facing this direction.

as always this is a prototype so if you print it before I do please send pictures and comment. critisism is always welcome.


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