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You know the drill - where are the tweezers, the X-acto knife or that piece of rod you need to get the plastruder's pinch roller set right? Add the hunt for the Sharpie pen marker to write the temperature, extrude rate and some other vital statistics onto the latest calibration object's raft.

This 3D Printer Accessory Holder saves the day (well, sort of). The 7-sided septagon shape is pretty unique and would be real hard to build without, what else, a 3D printer.

The accessory holder is a derivative of the "Talisman Holder, i.e. Septagon Box and Lid":
The designer of that object did 99% of the work on this derivative. All I did was increase the size of the box height by about double, and increase the size of the whole lid to form a stand for the new box to fit into. The overall object size was increased by 10%, which seems about right.

The photo shows the original box and lid to the left of my MakerBot accessory holder version.

Oh yeah, it also works fine as a pencil holder....


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