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Many of the Doctor's most feared opponents have teleported into the TARDIS to steal the last copy of the Black Scroll of Rassilon from the TARDIS library. With no one else, the Doctor's past regenerations have been gathered to help. Whoever finds the Black Scroll and escapes first wins!

The board for this game is designed to fold into a neat carrying case that holds everything necessary to play inside. Rules are included in PDF form.

All NuWho pawns included in this one. Use /thing:155208 and /thing:155207 if you'd like to choose pawns from classic Who.

If you want me to print you one you can find me at makexyz.com/printer/cymon . Just send me an order for the board and I'll make sure the rest get in there.

I find it is best to print the board with the charm so the light on top prints well. Plus you get a little charm when you're done.

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