I love the Swiss Army Keyring by outcastrc, but using it is a little cumbersome. It needed those little cut outs in the side that allow you to get a thumbnail in to grip the key to make opening it that much easier.

So that's what this is. The Swiss Army style keyring with cut outs.

I have also moved the key ring clip as that was getting in the way of one of the keys.

This version is intended to be used with M3 nuts and bolts.

I've recreated the whole thing in openScad and the newest version is (mostly) parametric.

Update: I had messed up the dimensions after using the minkowski sum function to add the curved edges on this model. I have reworked the scad file to take that into account and the dimensions are now back to the same as the original. Also the new scad file is much more parametric. I haven't tested how tollerant it is when changing dimensions, you may have to alter a few offsets here and there. If you do change it, let me know how you get on.

I should also say that the one scad file now generates both sides. Just change the value of variable 'renderNutHoles' to either 1 or 0.

You will also need to include functions.scad file in the same directory as the main scad file to render the cutouts for the nuts.

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