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I present you with the art of plastic blowing.

Before you start bitching let me explain. The main benefits of glass blowing are 1.) perfect seal/suction 2.) The feel

You will notice if you look closely at images that mine have a smooth and polished glassy shell. This creates a perfect seal/suction. I added a glass on glass bowl as well.

This feels as good in the hands as a glass pipe however is 1/10 the weight. It is also about as strong as glass (depending on how you slice the model). This was printed with 8 shells. The swirls were added for artistic effect.

But its plastic?!?!?! Yes, but the part that gets hot is glass.

Okay so whats good about plastic blowing:
1.) cheap (costs almost nothing)
2.) strong
3.) light
4.) I can control the precision in cad. I can control everything precisely unlike glass.
5.) Plastic has the potential to be just as good as glass in terms of appearance. I have been playing around with mixing colors, inlays, swirls etc.
6.) Plastic is sooooo much easier to work with than glass
7.) Plastic blowing does not require a 2000c furnace or any major equipment other than a 3d printer.
8.) Its open source. We can post our pieces, and show how we did the artistic effects. I hope one day we will have a plastic blowing community.

Check out the instructions for details.

Safety Concerns: There are many types of plastics and many myths associated with "plastic". Burning ABS is probably not wise, but heating ABS is safe at the temperatures we are dealing with. 3d printers heat abs to melting temperature continuously. For smoking purposes the plastic will reach no more than 45C. 3d printers heat the ABS to 200C with no noticeable fumes and safe prolonged operating conditions. See the following for safety concerns. quora.com/Chemistry-physical-science/How-toxic-is-ABS-PLA

Notes: If you use my technique, please post what you made in the "I made it" section. I would love to see derivatives!

For legal: I am a licensed medical marijuana patient under CA 215. This information is strictly for other CA prop 215 patients or individuals living in Colorado and wherever else its legal for people to smoke weed. Thanks.

Oh yea or people who smoke tobacco out of a pipe : p


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