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The Ikea Jansjö LED lamp


is an excellent spot source for close-up work and also for lighting a 3D printer for webcam streaming. It's inexpensive ($9.99 at Ikea or $14.99 from Amazon) and has that rarest of things, a gooseneck that is generously long and actually works well. It has a dual-screw mount to its base which is clever in that it prevents the lamp from unscrewing, but which makes it problematic to mount to random surfaces (unless you get the clamp version, which I dislike).

My shop is in an old brick building with many windows so it doesn't lend itself to wall-mounted shelving. I make (well OK, my husband actually makes them but I design them) desktop shelving units with perforated square tubing and angle iron from SteelWorks, which is available at Lowe's stores and also from some Amazon sellers. It's not cheap but it's incredibly sturdy and allows for attaching all kinds of stuff.

This Thing mates the Jansjö lamp to Steelworks or other material with holes on 1-inch centers, freeing up desk/workbench space that would otherwise be taken by desk lamp(s). Having the lamps anchored solidly also makes repositioning a one-handed affair.


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