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UPDATE: A commenter pointed out that mosts plastics are NOT food grade! So I recommend not using this for drinks until that issue is worked out.

So a RepRap, an Ultimaker, and a Makerbot walk into a bar...
I'm actually not sure how to finish that.

Here's a set of printable swizzle sticks! Use them to stab olives, fish out ice cubes, and identify your drink. Print a bunch and use them at your next party. They include hooks to hold onto the edge of the glass so they won't sink in.

I've include 9 different styles, some 3D printer themed, some christmas themed, and some just for fun (from left to right):
reprap - RepRap teardrop
ultimaker - the Ultimaker robot
makerbot - the Makerbot M
smily1 - the :) smily face
smily2 - the :D smily face
star - a 5-pointed star
christmas_tree - a christmas tree
snowman - a snowman
unicorn - a unicorn head, why not?

The zip includes single and plate versions of all designs as *.stl files as well as *.dxf files. I'm not familiar with laser cutting, but I think this should work well with the appropriate (thin) material. For convenience I have also attached the *_single.stl files individually.

I wouldn't call this a derivative of any one thing, but it uses the following things:

I've included the necessary files from those things for convenience.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if you do something foolish after drinking too much. Please just don't.

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