I'm not sure if these "Sistema" food containers are just in Australia and New Zealand. They are really good, but have always had 2 points of weakness.

One of those points is where the clip attaches to the container, on 2 small hooks, on the container itself. When the container breaks here, there's not a whole lot that can be done to repair it.

The other point of weakness is the clip that holds the lid on breaks at the hinge point, on the clip.

We have plenty of the containers in the cupboard, and enough have broken clips that I decided to spend the time to draw up a replacement.

From my research, there are two types of clips:
1) the clip is attached to the container body, coming in three different sizes, where the clip itself is flat
2) the clip attaches to the container lid, only seems to come in one size, where the clip itself is curved

This replacement is for the former type of clip. I drew it up in OpenSCAD, making the code parametric. If you come across another clip size, either let me know and I'll add it, or just extend this thing yourself.

Maybe one day I'll get around to doing some work on the curved style clip.

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