Concerned about someone eating eggs you have decorated using non-food safe inks? If so, then these designs may be the ticket! All these designs have a tessellation of skulls. They then incorporate either some short warning text, or a longer text which wraps in a spiral around the egg:

Warning: In keeping with common decency, the Administration of this household would like to point out that the inks deposited upon this egg have not been tested for food safety. Indeed, based solely upon empirical evidence (that being the behavior of some members of this household), the Food Police have deemed these inks to be suspect. Moreover, the band gap energies of the ink's pigments have not been tested by qualified quantum mechanics and as such it remains unknown whether or not they emit photons unsafe for ocular consumption. Please read and/or eat at your own risk!

NOTE BENE: I do not mean to poke fun at anyone concerned about the use of non food safe inks. Not only is it a legitimate concern, I happen to share it as well. I made these designs as I wanted to leave a few of these in the fridge for my wife to come across.

Note also that the kind folks at Evil Mad Science have a nice write up of some food safe pens they have tested with the Eggbot. You can read their write up at

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