These lids were inspired by, and designed based on measurements from lids like these: . There is a regular mouth and a wide mouth version, these should fit any standard canning jars.

If printed well, and well tightened, these lids are almost water tight (actually, they form a tighter seal than the commercially sold counterparts linked above), but not air tight. These are suitable for use in storing dry goods, non-food small parts, etc., for storing opened canned goods in the refrigerator, and probably for use in the freezer.

The main shape of the lid is deliberately low-poly so it is easy to grip and apply a good bit of torque with bare hands.

These were printed with ProtoParadigm's green PLA on a Makergear Mosaic.

Additional accessories will be released that use this lid as the base.

UPDATE: This thing is a part of a collection of things featured in this post:

Download Canning Jar Lids 3D Model Files

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