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I'm sure everyone has felt the need for quick meal, for me as a student that happens a lot :-). Often I went to McDO, Bking etc..

But after a while you start to notice some things
- it's not the most healthy option
- you don't know exactly what's in that sometimes weird looking burger
- price compared to quality it's not always that great

This got me thinking with this result: I like to present to you Burgalicious. For your own homemade burgers.
- depending on how you cook it can be much healthier
- you know yourself what the burger is made of. It can be anything from meat, fish, to potato's or veggie replacements.
- for the price of a commercial burger you can make 2 or 3 maybe even more.

It's designed so it can be cleaned easily, I printed it in plain white so it can be inspected after cleaning .

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