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After many long hours the BotBQ - The Open Source 3D Printing BBQ is available for you to use yourself! I have detailed pretty much everything you need to get you to your first 3D Printed Burger over at BotBQ.org and also in some videos that are listed below.

The design may need some adjustments for your particular Hamburger housing, but I am currently working on a parametric version so you can customize it to fit your own syringe/baking tool/whatever you want to have hold your meat.

The 3D Printed Food extruders I've seen so far are all amazing and I admire all who has delved into this amazing new world of 3D printing food. While working on the BotBQ extruder design I wanted to break it down into something simple without over-engineering it, which is what I did the first few drafts I made.

I designed it to be adaptable to the modified wades block on a Mendel90 but I can see that it could be adapted to fit many extruders easily and you shouldn't need to disassemble too much to get'er up and running. I can see some issues using this on some machines, so I apologize in advance for not testing on other machines. I can see some machines without enough space in the front not being to adaptable right now, but this design will improve over time so please bear with me.

Only the extruder is being released right now because I am still designing the complete BotBQ.

I am currently working on a couple designs:
- Mobile BotBQ for outdoor grills
- Indoor BotBQ that will cook your burgers right after they are printed.

I had thought about this concept for a while, but until a discussion on a photo album post from Mark Mosiette between myself, Marcus Link, Nils Hitze, Gina Häuߟge , and Florian Horsch it never got off the ground. BUT in that thread is where I got the confidence to make it happen. Thank you to all who have been an inspiration and support to me while I worked on this.

Please check out BotBQ.org to follow along while I attempt to make a whole 3D printing BBQ up and going.

First test of 3D Printed Hamburger: youtu.be/Cb8eW15ALv8

Initial nozzle testing for the BotBQ: youtu.be/N2yu_I_4fGo

BotBQ Extruder Assembly: youtu.be/y7bkBnQZIvo

Attaching the BotBQ Extruder: youtu.be/bljerY1GUKw

3D Printed Food Resources: BotBQ.org/services/3d-printed-food/

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