Honey is the all natural antibacterial remedy for flu and colds. For centuries, it has been recommended to take honey as a remedy for colds and for maintaining good health. Among some of the many ways to consume honey, the honey tincture, basically a warm tea with honey dissolved within. Yet studies show that the enzymes in the honey are harmed due to excessive heat from the tea and to get the best benefit, it’s recommended to mix honey in cold water. But there’s a problem, honey is best dissolved warm but this is hard to do with a cold glass of water, the honey is thick and needs to be blended and dissolved which can take some time in cold water.

The honey infuser is used to help blend honey with cold water more quickly and effectively. The honey is put into compression chamber and squeezed down with a syringe through a series of very small passages that act to break up the thickness of the honey and help it dissolve better In water.

Files included:
.stl,(for both the cup and pluger) .stp

The plunger requires a small rubber o ring to provide a compression seal
- Large heavy files. Be patient, have a good PC helps.
- Recommended to keep clean, wash with hot water and clean passages by compressing very hot soapy water through after every use )

thanks to:

Hazat for the honey jar...

Jar of Honey

Carlos for the Chest with 1 drawer

Chest 1 Drawers with Door

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