Added a small function which is LED backgroud light control circuit to smart controller , with shorting the pins to decide the LED turn on all the time or turn on 30 seconds and than turn off automaticly.IF you used to start the printing jobs at night and get the parts at the next morning , that means with the new modification LCD back light will not annoying you any more ,you can make the time of light turn on longer or shorter by adjust the TRIMM R4 100K form 10s to 2mins. Hope you will like that .

This controller is 100% compaitble with original design .That mean you can use the original RAMPS adpter.

the following product is not a legal authorization for commercial use .

this desgin is a non-commercial parts,people who like this parts can make DIY . and the descrition of the prodouct is reserved . did not get my authorization for using the descrition.

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