This is a device that helps keep your iPod headphone cord neat and tidy when you're not using it. I kept finding my cords getting pulled or damaged in my bag. I would wrap the cord around my iPod when i put it into my bag, but when I pulled it out it was always a mess! So i made a prototype out of plastic. [The prototype is acrylic, only about 1/8" thick. My design calls for a 3/4" thick plastic piece because this would prevent the wire from getting damaged due to bending. It would be nice if I had a 3D printer to make it.]

All you have to do is put your headphones into the spots on the main panel, then start wrapping the wires around the notches on the sides. When you get to the end, just tuck the jack underneath the wrapped wire and presto... neat and tidy into your bag/coat/purse... STILL neat and tidy when you pull it out again!

I do need to give credit to my dad, since he gave me the basic idea for the wrapping and the notches. However I have expanded on his idea with the indents where the headphones can fit.

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