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This is the older IKAN monitor not the new V17e
I had the plate held on with 1 screw and it spun (hence the circle marks on the back . ) When I got the VESA Monitor Mount from EZ FX (they make a very nice stable Jib mount here in Florida) I could no longer put the Battery on the monitor .. Since I have an Ultimaker I said YES I CAN . 45 minutes later I had this.. Now is it perfect NO but it gets the job done. Mine is slightly different than the one you see in the STL. I didn't want to wait another 8 hours to print this (I made my printer go slower) I took a Dremel tool to it to clean up a few items I left out . I fixed them on the STL so you wouldn't have to. I made a mistake and put an opening on the wrong side and forgot about the Toggle Switch . Also the opening was slightly too small for the plate but fortunately the Wall was the right thickness and it came out in one move :) but now there is a Place for the release tab built in . Also the VESA mount went under the Plate so I fixed it in the STL. Will I print this again . Maybe in the future but WHY this works perfectly and will last me years :)

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