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A simple hinged case for an Arduino Uno, to protect it from static discharge, knocks, wet or conductive surfaces, etc.

I have left a single-layer bridge over the captive nut holes because Slic3r currently won't let me tell it not to extrude a hole perimeter into empty space before trying to bridge up to it. This also prevents dust et cetera from entering the case via an un-used hole if left in place.

I took dimensions from arduino.cc/blog/2011/01/05/nice-drawings-of-the-arduino-uno-and-mega-2560/ and due to a single-digit slip-up in converting mils to mm, had the USB-B port hole offset by about 2mm in my first prototype shown in the photograph, but that was easy to fix with a small blade on my multitool. The Designs I uploaded have been corrected and should fit an Uno in and out easily, even while the lid is on.

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