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Broken front glass on a Meade 8 inch SC Telescope. Since I've been spending all my hobby money on 3d printing, figured, might as well fix the telescope with that.

Since the Meade SCT only uses the front glass to hold the secondary mirror, having solid supports won't be a big draw back within the normal usage range of this telescope. I intend to dedicate it to solar photography, so it won't matter at all for my needs.

The solution is in 4 pieces since my printer is just a bit too small to print this assembly all as one piece. What a shame. :-) Well, with a few wire ties placed in the right spots, this design will due just spiffily. Since the plastic tends to not be perfect in characteristics, the mirror will CERTAINLY need to be aligned and collminated. In fact, I'll bet it will need adjustment alot for higher resolution use. So, this is probably a quick fix and not a perfect fix. Sorry.

For more strength, stability and resistance to warping, maybe adding some ribbing to the design. Wouldn't make the spokes much thicker than they are now, but extending them in the Z axis(parallel to the light path) shouln't be of any real issue.

Hope it helps someone else out.

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