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This is a new version of the excellent quick-fit x-carriage from Richrap :)

I tried to make it smaller so I designed the fixation to be perpendicular to the X axis and won around 3cm, it's not a big deal but 3cm on a 22x22cm build plate is really huge.

Here is a LM10UU version thingiverse.com/thing:24986

Original Carriage:
- 12cm long alone
- 13cm long with one fan

Low profile is:
- 8,5cm long alone
- 9,7cm long with one fan
- 11cm long with two fans

So stay update :)

Update Septembre 13th:
- Removed old confusing files.

Update June 19th:
- REVISION, Files prefixed with R2.
- Updated to new design.
- Added Belt clamps (compatible with LM10UU version too)

Update June 8th:
- Fixed the holder size.
- Added sketchup files.
- Added ready-to-print stl.

- Won again 4mm on the length
- Re-inforced the latch bearing holder.
- Fixed the manifold.
- Fixed the distance between axes from 51mm to 50mm as linear bearings are push-fits it needs to be accurate.
- Added Quick-Fit supports for 40x40mm fan mount, with 2 heights.
- Re-inforced the plate.

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