Video showing the application of the thing(s).

I really don't know what to call this. It's essentially a snap on adapter that attaches to a pole, and on the back there is a object similiar to a screw that slides into objects designed to hang by screws. As in you can hang stuff off of a pole if it has the slide on screw slots on the back. The basic design here is for fitting to a floor lamp, and the "screw" like pertrusion on the back slides into florescent light fixtures. I attached 4 of them to the lamp post 2 for each of the lamps.

The purpose of this to create a portable 360 degree UV-C lamp which I could move room to room, and was powerful enough to get the job done. UV-C lights can be bought on amazon, the ballasts are from wal-mart as well as the lamp. UV-c light kills bacteria, virus, and kills fleas and disrupts the eggs of the fleas from hatching.

NOTE UV-C is harmful to humans and animals,so don't use an UV-C lamp without protection, or leave the room while it is on. I'm using a 30 minute timer and just leaving the room while it is running.

I'm using this to try to eliminate fleas, as it seems nothing I try can completely eliminate them, So I made this.

I will upload pictures, so you can see what I mean shortly, and I will have a video of it.

OH, I had to point the "Screw" is on the bottom, because despite my best effort it would not print at this particular sizing successfully with it in the middle, and the model oriented with the pipe section face down, though it will if the pipe was larger, as then the layer changes are not so abrupt when printing the circle. There are Tapered screws in the sketchup file that could be used instead, if your application allowed for middle mounting of the "fake" screw.

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