I've Retired this and doing a Linux based controller instead. Check out instead.

After seeing the MightyBoard from MB, I said to my self, where's the state of the art. Where's all the nice new things, So I made this board instead.

Features are as follows :-

32-Bit CPU running at 66mips.
SPI based Stepper controllers.
USB Host support.
Android Interface hook up.
Bluetooth support via USB dongle.
Plugable Mosfet Board.
Mosfets back to 12v. (24v is fine for driving stepper type things but makes it more difficult to find Fans, and other common devices that run at 24v).

Dual Thermocouple support.

Onboard RGB LED support.

Selectable 12v,24v,36v Stepper drivers.

Expandable, and if you so choose not to have the SPI based steppers (IE you want to reuse your exsiting steppers), then the board has enough breakout pins to put in a step-direction breakout board. Thus you could use the power of the 32-bit processor to control your Cupcake/Thingomatic using it's stepper controllers (PCB to follow).

Basically it has everything you want from the Mighty board but with added extra umpfh (mmmh is that even how umpfh is spelt).

I plan to submit this to the PCB makers in the next few days, If you spot anything untoward or an omission then shout.

Update: PCB ordered. Now just have to wait for the postman.

Update 16/4: PCB has arrived now need to put it all together. Slight issue with one off the connectors hole size.

Update 22/5: It's ALIVE!. muwhahaha!. I've managed to get it talking to my Android Phone. Now to populate the rest of the board and put on some control software. Stay Tuned!

Update 15/09: Going the way of the Pi. That's Raspberry PI. So I'm going to change the Main board from being a AtmelU3C Processor to a Raspberry Pi instead. I was working out the sums. For me to add USB, Ethernet, the processor and all the other bits, It would be cheaper to swap all that out for a Pi instead. So Going to start experimenting with this option. What it will give is a much more powerful system for less. Including on board GCODE manipulation. Full Gui interface, Full Ethernet capability and everything good that Linux has to offer.
Watch this space for a derivative.

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