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GarabatoBOT or in english, DoodleBOT, is a little robot that can make simple doodles in a white-board.
It's a really simple design: 2 stepper mottors with its drivers pcb, one Atmega328 and a bluetooth modem to control it wireless.

There are two ropes linking the up corners to the pulleys. The rope is collected by the pulleys when the motors are turning.

The structure has 5 different parts: one main body, two arms and the two pulleys.

The grey bag contain the battery (2s-1A) and also is used to go down the gravity center.

Watch a video in action: youtu.be/J-kkD-Yr6cY?hd=1

More info in the blog:


Made by Miguel Ángel de Frutos.


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